Complaints & Suggestions

Unfortunately from time to time even the best-laid plans can go wrong which may result in frustration and possible upset to patients and staff alike. If you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of the service that you receive, then please let us know. If your complaint is of a clinical nature, then please address it to the doctor concerned with your care. For complaints of a non-clinincal nature please ask to speak to, or write to the practice manager or assistant practice manager. More formal complaints, ie those of a more serious nature, should be addressed to the senior partner. We will take all complaints seriously and discuss them fully with you. Should you not receive a satisfactory answer, help may be given by contacting the local Health Council or Primary Care Administrator at the Health Board.

We would equally welcome favourable comments when things go particularly well.

Suggestions for improvements are always welcome and should be addressed to the practice manager.

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